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About The Home Tour

What is the Home Tour?

The Home Tour was founded in 2010 by singer-songwriter Mary McBride to bring live musical concerts and community celebrations to the homes of people who otherwise would not have regular access to live music.

Since its inception, The Home Tour has been using live music to enrich lives, inspire and connect people, and engage communities around the world. The tour assembles local and nationally recognized musicians to perform for — and with – residents in supportive housing communities nationwide.

The Home Tour has engaged more than 100 communities worldwide; played for tens of thousands of residents; hosted on stage hundreds of residents from the communities where they have played; and partnered with more than 100 social service organizations in 24 countries.

The Home Tour goes where most musicians don’t, delivering high-energy, high-impact performances and making a lasting difference by inspiring local communities and leaving an infrastructure to accommodate repeat performances by locals and touring bands alike.

Who does the Home Tour serve?

In the U.S., the Home Tour is focused on serving individuals and families who are living in “non-traditional” housing, which can include, but is not limited to, long-term mental health care centers, long term health care centers for veterans, homeless shelters, supported-housing communities, homes for people living with HIV/AIDS, and prisons.

Tours in each city are developed “on-site” with the understanding that a significant percentage of residents in supportive housing are living with mental illness, and/or developmental challenges.

Residents in supportive housing are strongly encouraged to participate in “on-site” programs such as The Home Tour, which demonstrate the healing impact of live music and mindfulness integrated into mental and physical health recovery. Each tour can also serve as an educational event, and provide a forum for discussion. All host sites, organizations, and sponsors are encouraged to distribute “wellness” education and resource materials that may be of use to the residents.

The Home Tour has proven itself to be a significant healing force for those with severe psychosis, depression, anxiety, and co-existing mental health and addiction problems. The Home Tour provides an uplifting positive atmosphere in which individuals living with mental illness, and families facing the effects of that chronic illness, can integrate active creative expression into their day-to-day recovery.

How does the Home Tour work?

The Home Tour is developed, implemented and evaluated through a ten-phase process:

  • Phase One:Assessment Phase and Identification of Need
  • Phase Two:Identification of Lead NGO Partner
  • Phase Three:Development of local consortium of organizations; site visits and confirmations; development of tour schedule
  • Phase Four:Development of local artist committee
  • Phase Five:Hire all Home Tour staff; identify volunteers
  • Phase Six:Conduct outreach to resident artists and local artists recommended by local artist committee to perform at tour events
  • Phase Seven:Liaise with PR and marketing teams at each organization and in coordination with sponsors
  • Phase Eight:Conduct The Home Tour in new community
  • Phase Nine:Evaluation of process, strategies, outcome
  • Phase Ten:Development of Sustainability Plan